Pizza and Eggs for Brunch at Pulinos

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I really dont do Sunday brunch enough. It's very, very sad because I LOVE brunch. Cocktails while feasting on eggs and bacon and pastries? Don't mind if I do. Sunday I had a fantastic brunch at Pulinos to catch up with some of my lovely ladies from college, Nicole and Ange. 

Sitting right on the corner of Bowery and East Houston is Pulinos Bar & Pizzeria. I know what you're thinking, "pizza for brunch?" YES. YES YES YES. First off, they serve other things besides pizza, like eggs in cocotte (baked eggs), frittatas, omelettes, pancakes, and waffles. That said, they DO serve pizza for brunch, but they're not the type of pizzas you would expect, and they were pretty awesome. For starters, we shared the semolina waffle. Drool. A crispy, chewy waffle is topped with sweet apple butter and mascarpone cheese…then drizzled with a little maple syrup…heaven.

Pulinos Waffle2 
Carbs: a love/hate relationship. Right then it was love…

We decided to get a few things and share. The eggs in cocotte are baked eggs with cream, spinach, pancetta and fontina cheese, and let's just say it is EXACTLY as good as it sounds. They serve it with crusty bread for dipping because the creamy sauce isn't going to just sit there and spoil. Pick up those carbs and start dunking - it's Sunday, so it's ok. Even God rested on the 7th day. Not that I'm comparing myself to God but you get what I'm saying.

Pulinos Eggs Cocotte 
Eggs in Cocotte. I believe "cocotte" is French for DELICIOUSNESS

We had to try the breakfast pizzas because I heard their regular pizza is delicious. We got two: The Patate (egg, sausage, potato, green onions, mozzarella and fontina cheeses)  and the Spinaci (egg, spinach, mozzarella , mascarpone and grana padano cheeses). The sausage and potato was my favorite, but that's because I'm a meat and potatoes kind of girl. I love spinach too (in fact I eat spinach every day like Popeye), but I thought the sausage was so much tastier. The Spinaci was very cheesy though, I will give it that. The only downside of the pizzas in my opinion was the runny whites of the egg. That's one thing that kind of grosses me out with eggs, and I think the eggs on the pizzas could have been cooked literally a minute or two more and it would have been perfect. I had to scrape some of the whites to the side because they were skeeving me out a bit. Note to self: ask for well done eggs next time..

Pulinos Pizza2 
Patate Pizze (see the whites there…yea they got scraped)

The frittata was really good too; sometimes frittatas can be dry and rubbery because they're cooked for quite a while in the oven, but these were not at all. They were almost souffle-like. The fluffy eggs are mixed with mushrooms, bacon, fontina and smoked ricotta cheeses. How can you not love brunch?!

Pulinos Frittatta 
Frittata nums.

I heart you, Pulinos brunch.


 282 Bowery








  1. Looks delicious and mouth watering. Oh my that egg looks luscious.

    Cant wait to prepare this. Healthy and wholesome recipe. The cheese looks delicious and scrumptious. The dip looks creamy and thick.

  2. So, watch this clip and pay extra special attention at :14 and 1:10 in. When I was a kid we used to rewind the VHS over and over to watch this greatness. Unlike the rest of the film, it never gets old.

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