My Take on Four Loko

Ok, I know this is not the time to be saying this, but I kind of love Four Loko. Keep in mind I never drank 4 0r 5 of them in a row, but I think I topped out at 2 (don't reallyyy remember..) and I'm not going to lie, it was a damn good time. The caffeine and taurine content in this drink is part of why it makes you feel so f-ing fantastic – it's not really the alcohol, if you ask me (though 12% alcohol is nothing to sneeze at). The combo is dangerous, I'll definitely say that, and if you're a young kid who doesn't know any better, I could see where the problem lies. You could say the same for beer though. If you drink it to excess, it could be dangerous too. So why do I have to say goodbye to Four Loko? Sigh.  

And now I read in the WSJ that the FDA is demanding brands like Four Loko to remove the caffeine, taurine and guarana from it's drinks. Supposedly the ban in New York State will be lifted to the version without caffeine and such. So…basically they're turning it into sugary, very alcoholic beer..? Awesome.

See below for some pics from my FOURth of July weekend. We had some Fours to celebrate the occasion.

Fours 1 




Ok I'll stop, calm down FDA.

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  1. “I not ever concern about activity, but only about inaction”

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