Opening of Forty Four at The Royalton with The Cocktail Collective

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I stopped in to the opening of Forty Four at The Royalton (brought to you by Morgans Hotel Group) for some drinks and small bites with The Cocktail Collective, a group of specially selected expert bartenders from around the country. The space was really nice (see pics above), but it was very crowded, so I didn't get to try too many drinks or eat that much. This wasn't really about the food though, so let's talk booze. The Forty Four opening menu was centered around a pre and post Prohibition theme (which seems to be awfully popular lately), so there were some classics named after famous hotel bars (Hotel Nacional) and new drinks created by The Cocktail Collective like the "English 75" and a Rye-based concoction called "The Reconciliation".

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There were a few punch bowls sitting around, which was a good idea because anytime you have the combo of free drinks + showy bartenders + specialty drinks = long ass wait time. So we grabbed some punch. Apparently The Cocktail Collective has created four distinct rum-based punches created with full bottles, Organic Avenue's fresh-squeezed juice, and are meant for sharing. I snagged a recipe for all of you below. Just in time for those holiday parties. 

Martha Washington's Rum Punch

15 oz Fresh Lemon Juice
15 oz Fresh Orange Juice
15 oz Spiced Simple Syrup
15 oz Flor de Cana 4yr Rum
20 oz Appleton 12yr Extra Rum
10 oz Orange Curacao

Present punch bowl with ice to the guest. Add all ingredients to Parisian shakers
with two small tins worth of crushed ice. Shake till ice dissipates. Then deliver to
table and pour. Finish with full lemon and half orange wheels and fresh grated

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