Some Sweets from The Brooklyn Flea

Even though I seemed to have a touch of the flu (or something weird) this weekend, I mustered up just enough energy to make a trip over to the last outdoor Brooklyn Flea before they move it indoors next weekend. I had some things on my to do list that I desperately needed to scratch off:

1. SCRATCHbread

2. The Good Batch

I'm not really one for flea markets, even though I kind of grew up around them. My late uncle used to run a bunch of them out in Englishtown, NJ, and we used to go there and just take whatever we want. So maybe now that I have to pay for stuff, it's not as fun. However, if you throw food into anything, I'm likely to give it a second chance.

Scratchbread Scones 

I made a beeline through the masses of used crap and kitschy art to SCRATCHbread first. I've been dying to try their breads, but more importantly, their Buttecream Brownies. Those things were ridiculous – though they're not like typical "brownies" in that they are a bit more complex and layered. It's more of a brownie/candy bar with chocolate buttercream layered between two bittersweet chocolate crackly disks, then rolled around in cocoa powder. There's a hint of sea salt in there too, which you can get a taste of in certain bites, which is not something you're likely to find in something that comes out of a box in the supermarket. Very indulgent, very delicious.

Scratchbread Brownie 1 
Mmmm bittersweet/salty/chocolatey goodness…

The other breads I tried were the Savory Muffin and the Chai Sticky Hand Roll (like a sticky bun). The savory muffin was actually my favorite of those two, when I thought for sure it would be the hand roll. But again, SCRATCHbread surprised me. Both good, but the hand roll is a little deceiving because it looks syrupy and sweet, and it's really not; it has a little bit of sweetness, but it also has a hint of mild heat from dried chilies. The Savory Muffin on the other hand was buttery and delicious – they use something called Plugra butter; I don't know exactly what that is, but I think I'm a fan. The outside of the muffin was crisp and inside was peppery, herby and buttery. Nums..

SCRATCHbread is in the midst of opening their new store in Bed Stuy, but until then you can catch them at The BK Flea and click here for all of the locations.  

Good Batch Stroops 

My next stop was at The Good Batch, where they make something called a Stroopwafel. A thin waffle cookie sandwiched together with all kinds of yummy fillings like peanut butter, dark chocolate, or the classic caramel. I had the classic stroopwafel which is a cinnamon-spice waffle cookie with caramel filling. I liked the cookie, but I would have preferred a little more caramel filling. I also took home the double chocolate peanut butter stroopwafel, which I decided to heat up and dunk into my tea, and I thought it was really tasty that way. I think I like them hot as opposed to cold, and they're not super sweet so if you're a sugar freak, I wouldn't recommend it. HOWEVER - Anna, the creator of The Good Batch, suggested I try some ridiculous oatmeal cookie thing that was the size of my fist, and OMG I'm in love. This thing was TWO large, chewy, oatmeal cookies with jam (I think) sandwiched between them, and holy crap was it good. The top was textured and crumbly and the part near the jam was moist and a little gooey, but not too sweet. Perfection. Click here for locations

 GoodBatch Oatmeal Cookie1
You don't even understand…I could eat that every day.


  1. I’m not sure I agree on the idea of South Durham as a “dumping ground” for such projects. I tend to think the presence of Southpoint has made residential more desirable around it, not less

  2. Keep smiling, keep shining and keep looking on the bright side

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