Tea and Champagne at The Tea Set

Tea Set 2 

Tea and crumpets? No. That's not how I roll.

What can be more relaxing than a night that starts off with some bubbly, fills you up with some comforting food (note: not comfort food, but comforting food), then finishes up with some soothing chai tea? Ahhhh…who knew imbibe and zen go so well together? The Tea Set is an interesting place, and while some of the food was just ok, I kind of dig the concept. Yes, I said dig.

Tea Set 3 

Located in the village off of Greenwich Ave is The Tea Set, a cozy place (yes, its small) serving up some delicious teas, champagne, and food. Alexis came with me to this one, and she is what some would call a "tea connoisseur", so I figured she'd be a perfect taste-tester. Espeically since most of the tea I drink comes out of a Lipton bag or a sushi joint. We ordered champagne (of course), and two teas (Peach Vanilla and Green Chai), and the teas were excellent. I'm not a big tea drinker, but this was good. The tea is served in this weird glass that holds the tea inside so it can steep as long as you want it to. There is most definitely a name for that thing, but I'm too lazy to do the research right now.

Tea Set tea 
Tea & Champagne – gooood combo

For food, I will say that the Butternut Squash soup was delicious, and not like the orange, cream-heavy butternut squash soup either. I'm talking hearty, fresh, sweet, well-seasoned pure butternut squash soup. I got nothing against heavy cream, but this was just very different and it worked. The cobb salad was also good (can't really screw up bacon, avocado, egg and tomato), but the soup was definitely the winner in the appetizer section. For entrees, I'd have to say the lamb was my pick – well seasoned with a nice scoop of couscous. We also had the meatloaf, but it was a little tough – it had a nice sauce on top, but it definitely needed it. 

Tea Set Soup 
Butternut Squash Soup

Now normally I'd like to think that a place focusing on tea would have great dessert, but…not so much. I mean, we ordered the lemon pound cake. Should be pretty simple, no? Well, it was kind of dry..? And I'm no pastry chef but isn't pound cake's winning trait it's butter-compounded, dense, rich and moist texture? Yea..not so much here. 

I wouldn't go running back to Tea Set for the food, but I really liked the tea/champagne idea. I would think it's better suited for lunch (like the salad and soup), but I wouldn't make it a go-to for dinner. I would even go after the gym for some tea and cocktails. Is that wrong?


The Tea Set
235 West 12th st


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