Thanksgiving Leftover Sandwich

Hope all of your Thanksgivings were marvelous. Mine was pretty damn fat-tastic. My mom and I made two turkey breasts (we only eat the white meat so this worked out well for us), and we brined the crap out of them. What's brining? It's essentially a sugar/salt/water bath for your poultry. The result? Tender, delicious turkey. This was the first year we decided to try brining, and I'm glad that I was the host this year, so now everyone will remember my turkeys as the best turkeys. I'm not gloating at all…..

Anyway, it was a grand old time, and we had enough food for two Thanksgiving dinners..maybe even three, which is fine because a lot of times the leftovers are better anyway. I personally like to make a TLS (not to be confused with the Cherry Valley TCS for all of you Queens-people), or a Thanksgiving Leftover Sandwich: turkey on Italian bread with stuffing, cranberry sauce and a little mayo. If I'm feeling really fat I'll dunk it in gravy too. Mmm…TLS…

Thanksgiving Sandwich 2 
 Leftovers are brilliant.

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