Top Chef Just Desserts Screening Hosted by Godiva


Last night I had the honor of mingling with the likes of Johnny Iuzzini, Claire Robinson, and Gail Simmons. Loved Claire Robinson by the way – what a down to earth, friendly chick. Definitely wouldn’t have pictured her with Johnny Iuzzini, but hey, I guess that hair of his has magical powers. Anyway, it was the screening of the new Top Chef Just Desserts episode hosted by Godiva, held at the lovely Andaz Fifth Ave.

Chocolate, chocolate, how I love thee…let me count thy ways…

Or better yet, let me count thy truffles. Godiva red velvet truffles, cheesecake truffles, chocolate lava truffles, carrot cake truffles…and more. There were also Godiva cupcakes (so good), brownies (decent, believe it or not nothing special), chocolate fudge cake, and cocktails made with Godiva liqueur, which I happen to love. I had a Khir Royale of sorts with champagne, dark chocolate-raspberry Godiva liqueur, and a bit of Creme de Cassis. It smelled so good – I felt like I was drinking a chocolate-raspberry truffle. Yum.

So much chocolate…

The winner of last night’s episode, Morgan Wilson, was in attendance as well, and each guest received a limited edition box of Godiva chocolates that he created. The flavors were Passion Fruit, Acai Berry, Green Tea, and “the winner” aka Chocolate Mendiant, dark chocolate ganache between two dark chocolate disks, topped with bits of dried cherries, apricots and sea salt. A perfect contrast of sweet and salty. Which worked out pretty well for me considering I didn’t eat dinner prior to this; I came straight from The Summit Bar (great spot).

If you want to pick up a limited edition box for yourself, click here.  

Check me out below with Dannielle Kiryllos, Claire Robinson and Johnny Iu…just havin a grand old time while Foodie Magician wows the crowd..




  1. This was an age of innocence and happiness.*

  2. There are many kind of love, that we should not judge with our secular emotion. Together or not, we will let fate take it to our destiny.

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