It’s Too Cold

to blog today. I'm sorry. I can't feel my fingers. 

Just kidding. Although it really is too cold out. This is not ok. I love New York, but I DESPISE winter. Every year when it gets blistery and miserable I tell myself I'm moving to California. Then I remember that the Terminator is their Governor and their state fruit is frozen yogurt, so I decide against it. Plus the whole idea of Christmas when it's warm enough to go surfing kind of freaks me out. That's not normal either. So here I am, in the bitter cold (actually in warm office), writing about my recent eating adventures just for you. 

Be happy. 

And stay tuned for some chocolate-filled posts! Mmmm what's better than chocolate on a cold day? HOT CHOCOLATE. Which is what I'm drinking right now. Soy hot chocolate to be exact. I'm so trendy. 

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