More Exciting News For The Burg!

Brooklyn Flea is coming! First I hear of Momofuku, then Meatball Shop (I hope – fingers crossed so hard I'm losing circulation), and now this? Things just keep getting better and better for residents (and visitors) of Williamsburg. It won't be happening until spring/summer of 2011, but the Flea is better when outdoors anyway, no? The Flea will operate as usual on Saturdays in Fort Greene, but organizers of the Flea (Jon Butler and Eric Demby) want to have a new spot carved out for Sundays, and they have chosen the 40,000 sq foot plot of land next to the Williamsburg EDGE residences. Adjacent to the East River State Park, this location will definitely be the most visually pleasing. 

I can't wait for the list of vendors..! 

Click here for original article from Grub Street. 

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