My Christmas in Queens

For those of you who don't know, I'm a Queens girl. I lived in Manhattan for almost three years, and I may live in Brooklyn now, but I always, always spend my Christmas in Queens. My mom and brother live there, and it's where my old friends and I get together for some holiday cheer, aka food and drink. I also have to top the night off with a glorious sandwich from Cherry Valley, which I didn't get to do this year because I had a little too much holiday spirits, if you get my drift. I was basically a waste of space the next day. SO I may not have pictures of Cherry Valley (though I have posted about it previously here), but I got some pics from my Christmas weekend, including my delicious Italian Christmas dinner (lasagna, meatballs and sausage, oh my). So without further adieu, behold my family and friends who put up with me on a daily basis…with a side of lasagna. 

Me and my Queens people (whom I've known since junior high..)


Me and my beautiful mommy..

Me, mom, Harry and Bobby – all very full after eating this…

Elaine's scrumptious lasagna with beef and sausage..numsss

This pretty much sums it up. Me, my crazy brother and my mom


Happy Holidays!


  1. Lobo Burgers. High protein. Low fat. McDonald’s is howling at the moon.

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