Vosges Haut Chocolat

Something that makes ME happy in the winter (or any season) is chocolate. Recently, I had a somewhat magical experience with this new brand of chocolate called Vosges. Ever heard of it?  Me neither, but we received a gift basket the other day at work FILLED with their special chocolates. I say they're special because they have things like the Chocolate Bacon Bar (chocolate with pieces of Applewood bacon and sea salt), the Red Fire Exotic Candy Bar (Mexican ancho and chipotle chilies, cinnamon and dark chocolate), and all kinds of truffles with unexpected fillings (ginger and wasabi, curry, chilies, paprika). I wasn't a fan of EVERYTHING, but the chocolate is excellent quality, so most of the things I tried I thoroughly enjoyed. The Caramel Toffee, for instance, was insane. Buttery caramel toffee sprinkled with pink Himalayan salt, coated in milk chocolate and topped off with organic roasted walnuts and pecans. Droooooool.

Vosges Toffee PB cup 2
PB Bonbon and Toffee…mmmm

And my next favorite would have to be a tie between the Marshmallow caramels and the Peanut Butter Bonbons. We all know how much I love peanut butter, and I don't really love marshmallows, but this was tough. The pb bonbons were sooo creamy, I took really small bites just so I could make it last as long as possible. And the Marshmallow Caramels were like uppity Mallomars – similar in concept, but taken up a notch with rich dark chocolate, a thick layer of caramel and topped with bits of that delectable toffee. Ugh. Why can't this be healthy? I want to eat it every day…

Vosges 4
PB Bonbon and Caramel Marshmallows…

Vosges makes a great gift idea too – the chocolates are gorgeous to look at, but the packaging is lovely as well. For the wine and chocolate lover, there's a gift box filled with truffles and paired perfectly with a bottle of wine for $80.  For the serious (and mildly adventurous) chocolate lover,  the Exotic Truffles and Caramel Toffee gift box is perfect at $56. I've been browsing around their site and all I can say is….I WANT EVERYTHING.

Vosges Truffles
Exotic Trufflesa few seem to have gone missing…in my tummy.


Click here for main site.

Click here for gift boxes. 

Click here for Limited Edition Holiday Collections.




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  1. I’m drooling here. The box is a complete temptation.

    I wanna devour all those truffles and bonbons. Only four are missing in your box, more would go missing if it was my box.

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