Healthy Lunch At The Smith

Before you smack me across the face with a piece of their vanilla bean french toast, hear me out. I had just taken a rigorous yoga class and I wanted to try to keep things "light" so I wouldn't ruin all the time I spent twisting my body like a pretzel. Mmm pretzel..

Starting off the meal with raw veggies and basil aioli is not something I would usually do, especially at The Smith, and I could actually feel people staring, probably thinking things along the lines of "um…do you know where you are? They have candied bacon on the menu!" I get it. But far be it from me to let people judge me on my food decisions; I kind of scrapped that plan when I started this blog. So believe it or not, I actually enjoyed the veggies AND I also made a new discovery: I like raw string beans! My mom will be so proud. She always would eat them raw and I would think "is she crazy?", but they were cold, crunchy, and dipped in basil aioli. I really liked them. The other veggies were of the norm: peppers, carrots, fennel (awesome with the basil aioli too), radishes and zucchini. Thats one thing I actually hate – raw zucchini. I think it's spongey and has a bitter aftertaste. 

Eat your veggies!

For our mains, we asked the waitress what the best salads were because I don't think I've ever ordered a salad at The Smith. Once again, pleasantly surprised. Their roasted chicken salad is delicious. Juicy, pulled chicken is mixed with brie, apples, onions, candied walnuts and arugula. Ok, so maybe it's not SUPER healthy, but it was yum. Even though it has pretty large chunks of brie and candied walnuts, it still feels like a "light" salad. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. We also got the ahi tuna salad, which had gorgeous pieces of fresh seared tuna atop mesclun greens, a hard boiled egg, string beans (more string beans!), black olives, tomatoes and roasted peppers. Very tasty, but I liked the chicken salad better; every bite was like a flavor and texture-tease on my tongue – salty, sweet, crunchy, creamy..num num nums. 

TheSmith Chicken Salad
Roasted Chicken Salad goodness

The Smith Tuna salad
Ahi Tuna Salad

I guess eating healthy at a steadfastly unhealthy restaurant IS possible, but it's hard to do when you're surrounded by people ordering things like the potato waffle eggs benedict, vanilla bean french toast and eggs with ham, biscuits and gravy. It takes a certain amount of willpower which I didn't know I possessed. Good to know, but for the record, The Smith is known for their decadent brunch for a reason. I wasn't disappointed in any way with my meal, in fact I was probably shocked that it was still delicious, it's just not as delicious as a 2-inch thick piece of syrup-soaked bread topped with caramelized bananas and maple butter. But that's life. The truly delicious, self-indulgent things are usually created with a little bit of evil. And in this case, a lot of butter. 



The Smith
55 Third Ave (nr 11th st)



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