The Skinny Pig Joins GFQ!

GFQ logo small Between all of my culinary exploits and unrelenting sarcasm, I completely forgot to mention that I have joined the "GFQ Family" and will be writing posts for them on a weekly basis. What is GFQ? You might ask. Well they are the "Guys From Queens" and they are a web-based TV network with various shows ranging from tech to lifestyle and entertainment. Started in 2009 by my old "BFF" Andrew, the network already has nine shows under it's umbrella, and can be viewed/downloaded on,,, and

To read more about Guys From Queens click here. I haven't gotten my exact posting schedule hammered down yet, but you can find me on there as well. Click here for my announcement and profile. 

That's right. I'm gettin back to my ROOTS. School of the Hard Knocks. Queens 4 Eva. Thug life fo lyfe. Peace to Ron G, Brucey B, Kid Capri. 

Ok I'm done. 

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