Bon Voyage!

The Skinny Pig is going global tomorrow. I don't mean my site – that probably won't happen for another 5,124 years – but I AM going on vacation to Costa Rica. Happy happy joy joy!

In an effort to escape the cold weather, my friend Ange and I decided to kill two birds with one stone. We're taking a warm weather vacay (not "vaca" – this means "cow" in Spanish, just so you know) AND we're going to be out of the city for the dreaded holiday that is Valentine's Day. Even before I became single and bitter I was never a big fan of V-Day. Case in point: "Here honey, have some of this porterhouse and creamed spinach and chocolates so you feel nice and bloated and as unsexy as possible. Oh and would you mind slipping into this loincloth made out of doilies and feathers so we can have sex afterwards? Then I'll pay a lot of money for the meal, flowers and candy to inevitably watch you chug champagne and pass out." Fun for everyone!

So, Happy Valentine's Day suckas! I'll be on the beach chasing rainforest monkeys and pushing the boundaries of normal social conduct.


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  1. Speech is the image of actions.

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