Happy Hump Day!

From now on, Wednesdays will be all about celebrating Hump Day. No, not THAT kind of Hump Day, you pervs – just a nod to the middle of the week, the first day that's socially acceptable to go out drinking, and two days before good ol' Friday. Where am I going with this? I'm not really sure but if it led to humping I probably wouldn't be sitting here at my computer now would I? I kid, I kid…

So as I mentioned before, Wednesday is in the middle of the week, and as I was browsing around my kitchen for a snack with my coffee last night (yes I drink coffee before bed – I don't sleep a lot), I thought of something that has "Good Things in the Middle". If you know what I'm talking about just from that slogan, you're an awesome person. I'm talking about Quaker Oh's cereal. I don't remember if I've ever posted about this before, but I sincerely apologize if I didn't. This has to be my all time favorite cereal. It's not good for you, but it's good for you…know what I mean? It's so good!! And it never gets soggy! All those delicious preservatives! You could pour yourself a bowl, do some 8-minute Abs and it will STILL be crunchy! Then at least you won't feel guilty for eating it. Seriously I don't know what the hell they do to this cereal, but I choose to not ask those questions. I ALWAYS have a box of it somewhere in my kitchen, and I don't eat it all the time because it's something to be savored, not abused. Once in a while is all you need. In fact, check out the picture below of my cabinet. Like any good junkie..I hide it from everyone else. 

Oh's Cabinet 2 
That's right. Hidden behind the "heart-healthy" Cheerios… *insert evil laugh here*

The only thing about Oh's that sucks is that you can't find it in most supermarkets. Up until a couple of years ago (and I can't believe I'm revealing this on the internet), I ordered it from some crazy, vintage candy store online located in some bumblef&*%, hick town I couldn't even pronounce. Seriously. The addiction is THAT bad. I grew up eating this stuff I had to find it! Now, however, there are a few select bodegas in my town of Williamsburg that sell it (sure, they don't carry processed ANYTHING, but Oh's they have), AND most Targets in the New York area sell it. Next time you're in there, pick up a box. You will not be disappointed. It also leaves the best post-cereal-milk. It's similar to Frosted Flakes, but better. And Frosted Flakes get soggy in about 6.3 seconds, so Mr. Quaker and his pansy pantaloons kick Tony the Tiger's ass any day.

Oh's Close up 2 
"Oh" yes. They HAVE been enlarged to show texture…

So that was a good introduction to the new theme for Wednesdays, which will be focused on foods that have "good things in the middle" just like Oh's. Think cupcakes from Crumbs and Baked by Melissa, cheese-filled burgers from the Stumble Inn, stuffed French Toast from The Smith or Juliet…you get the idea. There might even be the occasional recipe on here, like my fried wontons with bananas and nutella inside. Talk about AMAZING things in the middle…

Until next time! Now go buy some Oh's. You know you want to.


I heart you.



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  1. i fill hungry. Enjoyed every bit of your blog.Really thank you! Really Great

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