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Fay Da 1 

After my meal at Tasty Hand-Pulled Noodles, I wanted something sweet, so I stopped into Fay Da Bakery for some treats. This place is fantastic and CHEAP. You should see the size of these pastries and some of them are 90 cents! CENTS. I don't think I've bought anything for CENTS since I was 7 and I used to go to the corner bodega and stock up on Big League Chew. Now even a pack of Trident is almost 2 dollars. Ugh. Anyway. Fay Da has American desserts (but why go to Chinatown for that??) like eclairs, cupcakes, etc., but they also have sticky buns, rice buns, sesame balls, and so many "buns" I can't even keep track. I saw a hot dog bun that was a hot dog wrapped in a giant pastry bun. Are you shitting me?!

Fay Da hot dog bun 

Then I saw something called a Milk Cream Bun and one of the locals recommended it, so I reasoned it had to be good, then I also picked a Raisin Bun with icing. Don't judge me. I didn't know if the Milk Cream Bun was going to be sweet enough. Verdict? It was and it wasn't, yet I liked it better than the icing-laden bun. The Milk Cream bun was fluffy with a "creamy", doughy texture and topped with a slightly sweet glaze and sprinkled with sesame seeds. It actually reminded me of Tsoureki bread, a traditional Greek bread my YiaYia used to make every year around Easter. Tsoureki is a little on the drier side, but it has a similar taste. The only thing that was slightly annoying about this excursion was getting it to go. Walking through Chinatown trying to enjoy a Milk Cream Bun while taking in the smell of fresh fish is NOT fun for the senses. Or the stomach. Good thing it only costs 95 cents so you won't feel bad if you puke it up right by a fish monger's catch. Though I don't recommend that. It's pretty delicious so try to keep it down.

Fay Da Milk Cream bun 2 
Mmm huge carbs for 95 cents. Dangerous..

Fay Da Milk Cream bun 1 

The Raisin Bun was kind of like a Cinnabon minus the cinnamon and gobs of butter. It wasn't dry, but it was a little one dimensional, and by that I mean it was just sweet. Raisins are sweet, icing is sweet, dough was sweet. Decent, but I'd take the Milk Cream over that any day.

Fay Da Raisin bun 
The sweet life


Fay Da Bakery
83 Mott St (btwn Bayard and Canal)

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