Pura Vida en Costa Rica!

As they say in Costa Rica, Pura Vida! This literally means "pure life", but according to the locals or "Ticos" as they are called, Pura Vida means great life, full of life, etc. I recently returned from an amazing mini-vacay in Costa Rica with my college bestie Angela (Ange), and considering I got a bum foot and I'm feeling lazy, why not post some pics? I will also touch on the hotel and the food briefly..

We stayed at the Flamingo Beach Resort & Spa and opted for the All Inclusive plan – when you plan on drinking from noon into the evening, it makes the most sense. On the website they tell you that there are three restaurants in the hotel to choose from but in reality they all have the same menu. BOOOO. The food was actually pretty good so it was kind of disappointing; we had to go out to eat twice just to change it up a little and went to the "best restaurant in the area" called Mar y Sol. I really wasn't impressed. I thought their food was kind of bland, though our tastebuds might have been deadened from the saltiness of the food at our hotel. Can't win! Then we went to Marie's right across the street and the food was delish. The margaritas were the size of fishbowls and the guac was perfect. We ended up feeding most of our steak to a stray dog, but that was due to total margarita intoxication, not inedible cuisine. The steak was actually very tender and tasty – I think we just felt bad for the dog..? Still, it was a great trip and the people were so amazingly nice that it made us weary of them. We're New Yorkers, you know? Don't be nice to us unless we give you a reason to, and even then, tread carefully…

 Oh yes. Forgot to mention we ran into Pauly Shore on our layover flight. Random.

The pool (and the ONE restaurant in the back)

Sigh. The beach. Take me back!

You knew this was coming. Standard.

043 (2) 
Me and Ange. She made me put the flower in my hair. I swear.

Picture 121  
We referred to this as "Fun Hat Day"…dont ask…

Picture 120 
Told you.

Picture 073 
They might look like taquitos but they're tacos (deep fried). I'll allow it.

Caipirinha made with kiwi from Mar y Sol. Mmmm

 Picture 072
Ceviche from Arenas in our hotel

Picture 156

Ziplining. I guess pigs CAN fly.

Picture 154 
Eventually got the hang of it. So I went upside down. Terrifyingly good fun!

Picture 187 
ATV riding 

Picture 177 
Not dirty. Not dirty at all.  

 305 - Copy
Rainforest ladies


Ooo iguana..


I'd like to post more pics in my photo album here because there are maybe 400 of them? I wouldn't subject anyone to ALL of them (ok maybe my Facebook "friends"), but there are a few definitely worth sharing. Stay tuned..



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