Thirsty Thursdays!

032 Ok. Not exactly the most original idea, I know, but it's fitting and it's a little insight into my life. On Thursdays you can usually find me at a restaurant or bar tying one on. I'm not ashamed to say it – I like drinking; not to the point of blackout drunkenness, but I enjoy getting nice and toasty during happy hour after a long day of work. I'm not picky when it comes to bars either. I like dives, I like Irish bars, I like trendy lounges, I like wine bars…basically, if you've got a liquor license and a full bar, I'll be fine. That said, there are a few places that I like more than others, and when it comes to happy hour, I usually try to go with the best deals, which is why a lot of the trendier places will take a backseat until the weekend or a special occasion. $15 for a vodka-soda? No, thanks I'm good. That'll get you two drinks and jalapeno poppers at a dive.

Anyway, Thursdays will be all about alcohol. Hooray! Expect happy hour lists, new drinks I've tried, cocktail recipes, even food recipes made with alcohol. I make a mean risotto with white wine. And what about Coq au Vin? Or wine-poached pears? So many possibilities! Alcohol is so versatile. It doesn't just kill your liver.

Here's a few of my picks for today:

Acme Bar & Grill – this place has yummy Southern food (think hush puppies, chicken fried steak, spicy cornbread, etc) and their HH is pretty sweet on Thursdays. From 4-8 pm you can get down with 1/2 price appetizers, $2 PBR's, 4 High-Lifes for $9, and my favorite, $5 Hurricanes. If you've never had a Hurricane, you need to get on that. It's one of those dangerous alcoholic drinks that tastes like there's no alcohol in there…but believe me…there is.  9 Great Jones St, nr. Lafayette

Whiskey Ward – Fun bar, and a plethora of drink specials from 5-8 pm. $4 well drinks and draught beer, $5 frozen margaritas, $9 top shelf liquor, and $15 pitchers of sangria. Oh and they have beer + shot specials too. Downside? No food except for peanuts at the bar. BUT you can bring your own food (Meatball Shop is a few blocks away – just sayin) and they have menus inside so you can order food if you choose. Score!  121 Essex St, btwn Rivington and Delancey

Fiddlesticks – A pretty popular spot in the West Village, so beware, it can get crowded (though most bars get crowded on Thursdays I suppose), but their HH is pretty good - lasts from 4-8 pm and $4 gets you any drink (including beer) except for martinis and shots.  56 Greenwich Ave, nr. West 4th


Ok. That's all you get for today. Bottoms up! I'm actually going out to dinner tonight, so my night will be a little less sloppy and a little more sophisticated. Perhaps a glass or two of vino? *sticks nose in the air* 


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