Tuesday Tastes

The Skinny Pig is going through some changes; take the shnazzy new banners for example (thank you GFQ!),  and in addition to that, there will be a new schedule so you'll know what to expect on The Skinny Pig from now on. As you can see, Tuesdays will be a compilation of reviews and/or smaller posts that are more photo-centric, hence Tuesday Tastes. Hooray! Stay tuned for tomorrow's "theme"…and in the meantime enjoy some "tastes" from my Restaurant Week dinner at Tanuki Tavern..nums!

TYanuki Tavern Wings 1 
These wings were so delicious and they gave you six of them. Drizzle the lemon on top and enjoy the salty, crispy crunch. Drool.

   Tanuki Tavern Burger 1
Great burger from Tanuki Tavern, again huge portions for Restaurant Week prices. I was happy. And the spicy fries were addictive..

Tanuki Tavern sushi 1 
Tuna/salmon sushi. Nothing wrong with it, but it needed the soy sauce and could have used more spice

Tanuki Tavern dessert banana pie 
Chocolate banana cream tart – god help me. Though not as good as this..

Tanuki Tavern choc red miso cake 
The picture came out a little wonky, but it's a chocolate red miso cake oozing with chocolatey goodness.


I don't really understand Tanuki Tavern. I've been there a few times and the food is really good yet the place is never packed. It's in a trendy spot in Meatpacking, which probably works against it in a lot of ways because they have to compete with the likes of Pastis, Spice Market, Bill's Bar and Burger, and the Gansevoort Hotel. Sigh…

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