Friday Free For All: Grimaldi’s

Grimaldis Pizza Pie

First off I'd like to point out that I'm NOT hungover. Shocking, isn't it? I went to Stone Street for some Irish-imbibing last night and besides the fact that it was wall-to-wall people, the only thing I could get to drink was beer, bourbon or whiskey. No vodka! So I got some bourbon. Why didn't Iget beer? Because I'm fancy. I finished half the glass and felt a little tipsy – that's how strong this stuff was. I'm pretty sure you could use it for minor cuts and scrapes too. So anyway…last night we were right in front of Adrienne's Pizza Bar, and it reminded me that I totally forgot to post about the new Grimaldi's.

Grimaldis Menu

Located in the Limelight Marketplace is the most recent location of Grimaldi's, the famous Brooklyn brick-oven pizza chain. I went there for lunch not too long ago and was super excited because they claim to sell pizza BY THE SLICE, which they don't do at any other location. Well guess what? They lied. We walked in and there was a big sign that said "No Slices". Fail. So we decided to get a small pie ($12); we were three people and a small pie is 6 slices. You do the math.

When we ordered our pepperoni, onion and mushroom pizza, my first thought was "wow our waiter is a dick". Sorry but had to be said. Then my second thought was, damn these are pretty hefty slices. The crust is thin and crunchy with a little of that brick-oven char on the bottom, and it's hot and fresh out of the oven (not the kitchen like R. Kelly). But fortunately it held together nicely, unlike some places where it's so hot you pick up a slice and the cheese just slides right off like ice sliding off a windshield.

Grimaldis Pizza slice 1
The pepperoni was fantastic, btw. Thick and spicy (that's what she said).

Grimaldis Pizza Slice 3
Wanted to point this out: fresh mushrooms. Not canned (gross).

So how did it taste? Like really delicious pizza. I don't know how else to describe it really; you can tell the ingredients are really fresh and the key to a good pizza (in my opinion) is the ratio of sauce to bread to cheese. And obviously good toppings. I don't like pizza that is too doughy (sorry Deep Dish), too saucy or too floppy, and Grimaldi's knows how to balance their pizza perfectly. It's just not your typical, fold it over and inhale it type of pizza. A lot of people say I'm not a real New Yorker because I don't like to fold my pizza. You know what I say to that? F YOU. How's that for New Yorker?


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  1. Love it!! I have been to Lombardi’s but have not yet had the pleasure of dining at Grimaldi’s (either location), but I’m hoping to soon! There’s something so special about that coal-fired taste, yum!

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