Tuesday Tastes: Cascabel Taqueria


After a rigorous spin class at SoulCycle, it's only natural to crave protein and carbs. Some people would get this combination from a nice slab of grilled chicken and a piece of whole wheat flax bread. I, however, get it in the form of fish and chicken tacos with a side of guacamole. My friend and spin-partner Inbal kindly reminded me that you get "good fat" from avocados. See? Everybody wins. 

For a Sunday at 6 pm, this place was pretty crowded considering it's on the UES and it wasn't exactly prime dinner time. Needless to say, there were a lot of families and couples. We started off with the "good fat" guacamole which comes served with three large fried tortillas that you break into chips yourself. Fun! The tortillas were nice and salty, and the guac was deliciously different. I didn't ask, but it looked like it might have been just avocados with a load of lime and lemon juice. I didn't see or taste tomatoes and onions like I usually do, and it wasn't laced with cilantro (thank God) – just had a sprinkling on top along with a drizzle of olive oil. Because of the citrus and lack of "flair" it was surprisingly light and refreshing. 

Guac numssss

Onto the "protein" portion of the meal: the tacos. We got shrimp and shredded chicken tacos to share. The tacos are a good size, double wrapped in corn tortillas, and topped with onions (red for the shrimp, green for the chicken). The shrimp was marinated in an oregano-heavy sauce, so I wasn't overly thrilled with it, but it had black beans and onions on it which mellowed it out nicely. I liked the chicken a lot better, topped with avocado and green onions, it had a nice texture and smoky chipotle taste. They also give you some squeeze bottles with different salsas for topping: roasted tomato (my choice), tomatillo, and something called "fire".

Shrimp taco

Time for carbs! How's about some sweet potato fries with cotija cheese and a smoky tomato dipping sauce? Don't mind if we do! Crispy, salty and delicious. What else is there to say about sweet potato fries? The only thing that really ruins them is the manner in which they are cooked, where they can sometimes turn soggy. These were hot and crispy on the outside, soft and sweet on the inside. Mmmmm. Carb-o-licious. 


Perhaps it wasn't the most traditional post-workout meal, but we felt refueled after that. I'd go back for sure – they have plenty more tacos I need to try and that wonderful grilled Mexican corn with cotija cheese, mayo and lime..


Cascabel Taqueria
1538 Second Avenue (nr 80th)





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