Tuesday Tastes: Jimmy’s Diner

I have posted about this awesome brunch spot in Williamsburg before, but I revisited it this past weekend with my mom and had to post some of the pics. Nothing cures a hangover better than something fried and cheesy from Jimmy's. Last time I had the fried chicken and waffles covered in country gravy. God help me. This time I had the Tater Heaven, which is Jimmy's tater tots covered in scrambled eggs, caramelized onions, cheese and guacamole. There was a dude next to me who got this also (it's a pretty popular dish), but he made the gametime decision to add bacon to it. Smart, smart man. I commended him on that and promptly stole a piece of my mom's bacon to recreate it myself..

Tater Heaven 1
 Do you see how thick that piece of bacon is?? I can't deal. 

Jimmy's tots are fluffy and dense, almost like hush puppies made out of potatoes. 

Jimmys Cinnadonuts
Given free to your table at the end of the meal! Fresh cinnamon-sugar donuts. My mom and I were very happy. 


Jimmy's Diner
577 Union Ave (btwn Frost and Richardson)

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  1. Rod Crosby

    How do you think these hush puppies are made ?

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