What’s In The Middle? 16 Handles

I'm not sure if this really counts as "something good in the middle" but if you mix it in the way I do, it absolutely can be. So shut it.

16 Handles 3

I visited 16 Handles a couple times recently for a fro-yo fix, and I may be in love. Here's the thing about it: it's not SO much better than Pinkberry or Red Mango, it just has more flavor options and toppings, and you have more control over how much you eat since they charge you by weight (46 cents per ounce, to be exact). I will say that the abundnce of flavor choices is both good and bad. When you're a bit of a fatty like myself, I felt like one of those cartoons where the eyes dart back and forth really fast and then eventually pop out. Birthday Cake, Strawberry Fields, Coffee, Peanut Butter, Angel Food Cake, Red Velvet Cake, Chocolate, Vanilla, Blackberry Addiction…you get the idea. And toppings?? Fresh fruit, choc syrup, Cap 'n Crunch, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, granola, coconut, choc chips, carob chips,  pb chips, Heath Bar, Butterfinger bits, M&Ms, sprinkles, graham cracker crumbs, coffee cake crumbles (!!) oh and hot fudge. Checking the Facebook page prior to your visit might help so you can be prepared for such an important decision. 

Since I was not, I decided to make my own combo. I went with something I like to call "Strawberry and Peanut Butter Crunch Truffle" which is Strawberry Fields (no sugar added-yay!), Peanut Butter and a little bit of Chocolate with fresh strawberries, granola and chocolate chips on top. I don't know how to say this without sounding conceited but…I'm a genius. 

16 Handles 2
I'm amazing.

Angel Food Cake is a really good flavor, as is the Red Velvet. I hear people are very into the Blackberry Addiction as well. To sum up: there's a lot of flavors and if fro-yo is yo-thang, then I'm sure you could find something to be happy with here. Is it better than Pinkberry? Flavor-wise, I don't think so. I prefer a tart frozen yogurt and this is (mostly) creamy and sweet, but it definitely trumps Pinkberry and Red Mango in the toppings game. When they get Quaker Oh's…you call me.


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  1. Nothing better than Yahoo finding me a good site related to what I was looking for. SO NICE!!!

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