What’s In the Middle? WannaHavaCookie

WannaHavaCookie Display

That's exactly what I was thinking after eating some savory pizza at Grimaldi's in the Limelight Marketplace yesterday: I kinda wanna have a cookie…

The Sweet Room at The Limelight Marketplace is comprised of a few "sweets" shops including Mari's New York, Baci Gelato, MissTea, Butterfly Bakeshop, and of course, Wannahavacookie. These are not actually cookies, mind you, they are whoopie pies. How retro. I love whoopie pies when they're made right; these weren't the BEST I've had, but they do certain flavors better than others. I got 3 for $9: the double vanilla, red velvet, and chocolate peanut butter. Here's the breakdown..

Wannahavacookie trio

Double Vanilla: too sweet. The cake was very sweet and so was the frosting in between. My dad tested it and loved it, but he has a serious sweet tooth so it would have to be covered in rubbing alcohol for him to not like it. The cake consistency was also a little hard, but the guy who sold them warned me that this batch looked a little "overdone". Kudos to him for knowing a good/bad batch when he sees it..

Wanna Hava Cookie duo

Red Velvet: winner, hands down. The cake was not dry nor overly sweet, so the sweet frosting was a welcome addition as opposed to pure overload. Taste the Red Velvet victory!

WannaHavaCookie Red Velv

Chocolate Peanut Butter: I liked the filling, but the cake part had a little bit of a Devil Dog consistency. Some of you might love Devil Dogs, thus being ok with such a texture, but I am more of a Yodels fan. Devil Dogs get stuck to my teeth and the roof of my mouth and this whoopie pie had the same effect. I eventually HAD TO start licking the filling out of the middle. Had to.

Wanna Hava Cookie choc pb

Moral of the story? When in doubt, always go with Red Velvet.


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