Lunch at Hill Country

What's up with my HC kick lately? Well I work a few blocks away from both of them, so the commute is easy. And um, it's delicious. 

Most people in NYC have been to Hill Country and know what it's all about: BBQ meat by the pound and sides heavy enough to slow down a cheetah. I mean, I got the collard greens as my side thinking that would be the lighter option and it was stewing in a bacon/butter bath for God knows how many hours. So Hill Country may not be for the faint of stomach, but if you want to take a long lunch and a short nap, it is a good option. See pics below…


Mmmm brisket served on butcher paper with collard greens and mac and cheese..

And of course, can't forget the HUGE chunk o' cornbread with honey-chipotle butter..numss


Hill Country
30 West 26th St btwn Broadway and 6th

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