My Big Fat Greek Easter

Greek Mezze 

This year I wanted to host Easter at my place. Why not? I finally have a kitchen big enough to cook the amount of food needed to feed a bunch of hungry Greeks, and I had a few new recipes I wanted to test out. I made the traditional recipes from scratch: spinach pie, baklava, tzatziki, lemon potatoes, lamb chops – and everything else had a Greek or Mediterranean twist to it, like my "Greek Deviled Eggs". What makes them Greek? Yup, I put some feta in the mixture. Mmm. See below for some bites and stay tuned for recipes..

 Greek Deviled Eggs 1
Deviled Eggs with Feta

Chickpea Salad 
Chickpea salad with lemon, cheese and herbs

 Tzatziki 1
Tzatziki drizzled with olive oil and paprika

Spanakopita 1 
Spanakopita! This was one of the faves of the night

Greek Lemon Potatoes 2 
Lemon-garlic Potatoes

Lamb Chops 1 
Lamb chops

Baklava Mini cups 
Mini Baklava in phyllo shells…numsss


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  1. Nice spread. Greeks and Italians usually come hungry. Nice play-by-play on the Spanakopita, looks perfect.

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