A Celebration of Sandwiches!

This may be the half-Jew in me talking, but in my opinion, there is almost nothing better than a traditional pastrami sandwich on rye. Really. If the meat is good, and the bread is good, then it's ALL good, homie. Oh about that…I also grew up in Bay Terrace where a large majority of the Jewish kids think they're ghetto-fab. Moving on.

As I was browsing around Grub Street earlier today, I saw a post regarding the "Instant Heart Attack Sandwich" from the 2nd Ave Deli and well, they may have proven me wrong. It's your choice of pastrami, salami, corned beef or turkey (really? turkey?) piled high and sandwiched between two golden-fried potato latkes. Yes….that MIGHT beat rye bread…

Photo Courtesy of 2nd ave Deli

Now speaking to my cultured-foodie side, I'm going to give my "trendy sandwich" vote to No. 7 Sub at the Ace Hotel. I'm probably going for lunch today. Seriously that's how addictive it is. The zucchini parm sandwich with cheese, BBQ chips and jalapenos (trust me) is one of the greatest things I've tried between two slices of bread. And the bread! So good. Crusty and dense, it serves as the perfect bed for this sandwich. And the curry chicken salad is potent but amazing. I could smell it now…with the garlic and basil…mmm.

Zucchini Parm from No. 7 Sub

Sometimes I feel like having a slightly lighter sandwich for lunch (so I don't fall asleep at my desk around 3 pm), so I opt for a panini. Where can you find some of my favorite paninis?? Tarallucci e Vino. Not only is this a great spot to grab a glass or two of wine, but they make delicious paninis – mainly because they make delicious bread. I could plow through half a loaf of their multigrain bread without even a dab of butter – it's so nutty and rich by itself - it's dangerous. Toast it and then slather pesto on it and we're talking serious salivation. Their zucchini and mozzarella panini with parsley/garlic dressing is amazing, as is their brisket and salsa verde panini. And the smoked salmon. And rosemary chicken. You see where I'm going with this.

T e Vino panini 1 
Rosemary chicken panini from Tarallucci e Vino

Some would argue that a homemade sandwich is the way to go. For me, I make my sandwiches pretty boring when I make them for myself, but the one I love to make (and actually put some effort into) comes only once a year after Thanksgiving dinner: my Thanksgiving leftovers sandwich. Turkey, cranberry sauce, stuffing, a drizzle of gravy, and a light slather of mayo on Italian bread. It melts in your mouth. I can't think of a better way to revive day-old turkey.

Thanksgiving Sandwich 1 

And who can forget about the dessert sandwich?? This is a toss up between the monstrous ice cream sandwiches from The Meatball Shop and the Nutella "pie" from Olio…if you made me choose right now I'd say…..nope. Can't do it. One is crispy chocolate chip cookies and smooth, velvety vanilla ice cream, and the other is a heaping mound of Nutella between brick-oven pizza dough. It's like Sophie's Choice - I refuse to pick!  

Meatball Shop Ice Cream sandwich 
The pic doesn't do it justice.

Olio Nutella slice 
I heart you. So wrong, yet so right.

Gotta love that versatility. No matter what your taste, you're bound to find some form of sandwich to satisfy it. So here's to one of the greatest creations since…sliced bread?


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