Brooklyn Brewery’s Tonic and Summer Can Party!

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Brooklyn Brewery's Brewmaster's Reserve will be rolling out cocktail-inspired beers to select bars in late May/early June (draft only). Hmm..I'm not a big beer drinker but I am a big cocktail drinker so this intrigues me. Apparently the "beer chef" if that's what you can call him/her, has created "The Brooklyn Tonic" which pays homage to Milk & Honey's "Penicillin" cocktail: a seductive blend of scotch, ginger-infused honey and lemon juice. I'm allergic to penicillin, but fortunately I don't think drinking this will result in hives. 


And in other news they are now selling their Brooklyn Summer Ale in the best packaging known to drunks party-people around the city…the can! Tonight (despite this miserable weather), the Brewery will be hosting a Summer Can Release Party from 6-9 pm at 3 locations in Williamsburg, but the best one looks to be at Good Company on Hope st. There will be $3 cans all night, FREE grass-fed hot dogs with all the fixin's from The Meat Hook (love them), a DJ playing some good ol' summer jams, and the Self Portrait Project. I….have no idea what that is and like most things I find in Brooklyn, the site doesn't help clarify much. Check out the BK Brewery blog for more info and locations on tonight's party.

It's Thursday – get yo drink on! 


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