Hill Country Chicken Delivers!

HC Chicken hand Roll 2

More exciting news for Wednesday! I was just discussing with my cubemate friend Gil about how I could go for a Hill Country Chicken Texas Handroll for lunch, but it was too gross to leave the office. Now I'm happy to report that they deliver! Only thing that sucks is like any trendy-ish spot in NYC, the delivery charge is a minimum of $20. Farg. So I guess if you have someone to go in on it with, you're fine. Not that I couldn't easily rack up a $20 order here by myself…but I have to control myself SOMETIMES..

Pick up is also available from 11:30 am – 10 pm, delivery is from 12-9 pm and they throw in a free small side when you order delivery. I'll allow it. 

Click here for pickup and delivery menu. 


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  1. Yes,I think so,too.

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