I Broke My Chef’s Knife! :(

I had to take a moment to write about this because I am stunned. One of the first things I did when I moved to Manhattan a few years ago was buy a GOOD set of knives. I do my fair share of cooking and I had always wanted one of those proud-looking knife blocks, so I went to Bloomingdales (I think) and bought myself a set of Henckels. The options for knives, like almost anything these days, are out of control. Wusthof, Shun, Henckels, Victorinox. And types? Chef's, pairing, boning (heh), santoku, steak, butter…forget it. I just told the guy that I wanted a good, SOLID set of knives for every day cooking. So I walked away with a nice 8-piece set of Henckels for well over $200. I figured it was worth the price because well, they're knives. They don't BREAK right? They just get dull….



Please see below.

 Henckels Knife Fail 1

I bet you would love to know how the hell I did that. Chopping through a dinosaur bone? Slicing through a steel beam? All good guesses, but actually I was slicing a piece of smoked gouda. CHEESE! I WAS CUTTING CHEESE! Yes, insert obvious fart joke here. I'm sorry but that is unacceptable. Those knives are barely 5 years old and they're Henckels! One of the best knife brands out there can't stand up to the feisty block of smoked gouda? UNACCEPTABLE!!

 Henckels Knife Fail 4

Sigh. So now I'm faced with two problems: 1 – I have to buy a new knife because I literally used this one every day, and 2 – I have no idea how to get rid of this. Can't throw it in the trash…unless I wrap it in a comforter or something first…I'd recycle it but I live in a building where someone collects and sorts all of my recycling…and I don't really feel like getting arrested for unintentional stab wounds…sooo yea. I may frame it. Entitled: The Power of Cheese.

(Does no one remember that campaign? Have I been in advertising too long?)   



  1. You should definitely write an email to the knife company! That is so crazy!

  2. Skinny Pig

    I know! I’m thinking about returning it – there’s a website with the warranty info.

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