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I know I already did! Gilt Taste launched last night, with Ruth Reichl as the Editorial Advisor. Think of this as the foodie-version of Gilt Groupe. I love Ruth Reichl; I think I have read all of her books at least twice. Garlic and Sapphires is what inspired me to write about food in the first place. Great book.  

Anyway, they are calling it an "online marketplace/interactive magazine" because not only will they be selling top notch food products, but there will be strong food journalism as well. The list of contributing editors includes Melissa Clark, John Besh (chef), Laurent Gras (chef), Barry Estabrook (blogger), and many more. The products for sale are in-line with everything else Gilt does: luxurious and trendy! Think artisanal cheese from Murray's Cheese shop, caviar, meat (which can go up to $199/pound – yikes), chocolates from Droga, spices, you get the idea. 

If you want to know some of the stuff that they won't be selling, click here for a witty article by James Nickerson, lead buyer for Gilt Taste. Non-dairy creamer and biscuit mix?? NEVER! 

Sign up now for their weekly's the only thing on there that won't cost you anything..

 Gilt Taste 

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