Happy National Lobster Day!


Yes, apparently that is today. To celebrate the occasion, I dropped by Luke's Lobster last night and had one of their famous lobster rolls. And spicy crab and potato bisque soup. But we won't focus too much on that until March 9th of next year (National Crabmeat Day…duh). 

Here's my verdict: fresh, buttery, and served on simple toasted white bread makes for a delicious roll, but it was rather small for $15 bucks. I understand it's lobster, but if I didn't have the soup to go along with it (and gelato later on for dessert…) I still would have been hungry. 100%. But then again my appetite knows no bounds. The Schooner Combo is the way to go here; for an extra $2, you get a bag of Vickie's chips and a soda which might fill you up a bit more. Throw some carbs and carbonation at the problem and you're all set. 

 Schooner Combo (plus soup)




Luke's Lobster (UWS)
426 Amsterdam Ave (btwn 80th and 81st)



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  1. Love me some Luke’s. The shrimp roll is a fantastic deal – 10 bucks for the combo. You do leave hungry, but it’s a great snack…

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