Happy Summer!

To kick off the summer, I thought I'd share some pics of my favorite "cool" summer treats…enjoy! 


Peanut Butter cookie and chocolate ice cream sandwich from none other than The Meatball Shop. Drool. 

Straciatella and Chocolate gelato from Grom. So creamy it's ridiculous. 

Ben & Jerry's "Late Night Snack" (created by Jimmy Fallon) with salted caramel and chocolate covered potato chip clusters. Help. Me. 

Fluent in French Toast rice pudding from Rice to Riches with roasted strawberries and oatmeal crumble. RIDIC. 

Ginger and white peach slush from Kelvin Slush Co. Hope this doesn't make me sound like an alcoholic….but I want to spike it with alcohol. 


Salted caramel pinkberry with crepe flakes and chocolate crunchies. Sweet/salty heaven.

Potato chip chocolate dip from Miss Softee and the Rolling Cones truck. 
How I'm not 500 pounds is truly mind boggling. 

Much better. Strawberry and basil all-natural, no sugar added ice pop from People's Pops. 

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  1. Yes,I think so,too.

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