Press 195 and Martha’s Country Bakery in Queens

Press 195 menu 

Sometimes you have to show love for your roots. When I'm in Queens (my hometown), I always get the same food from the same places. This is not the norm for me, but when you don't have these things on the regular anymore, I think it's allowed. Take for example, Press 195 and Martha's Country Bakery on Bell Boulevard in Bayside.

I love Press 195 (there's also a location in BK) and I think their food is pretty damn delicious, especially their wings. The place is called Press because they have a billion paninis on the menu. Maybe not a billion, but there are a lot and they're all tasty. I seriously don't think I've ever been disappointed by one. The MAIN reason I come here though is for the wings: meaty, crispy, not too saucy, and perfectly spicy. These wings are pretty big too, unlike some places where the wings look like they took a visit to the Shrinky Dinks factory. I have no time for that. Their fries are also great and they give you a HUGE portion so it's great for sharing. I'm a big fan of mildly burnt french fries..

Press 195 wings 2 

Press 195 fries 
You can SEE the crispiness

If you find yourself in the Queens area, more particularly Bayside, I urge you to stop in and get some perfectly seasoned grub from Press 195, then hop across the street to Martha's Country Bakery for some coffee and The Kitchen Sink. Beg the pardon??

Yes, The Kitchen Sink is a cookie made with everything but the kitchen sink: oatmeal, choc chip, butterscotch, nuts, and coconut. God help me. The cookie is great to go, but here's a tip I just discovered recently - if you sit down and order, they warm up the cookies for you, so they get just slightly melty and gooey inside. NUMS. Goes great with a cup of coffee, and unlike MANY places these days, especially in Queens, they actually have soy milk. Hooray!

Martha's Kitchen Sink 2 
Kitchen Sink

Press 195 – Bayside, Queens
4011 Bell Blvd
Martha's Country Bakery – Bayside, Queens
4106 Bell Blvd

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