Spicy Pork Sandwich from Big D’s Grub

Oh Relatively Wordless Wednesdays, what have I got for you today? Just a massive, tasty sandwich from the Big D's Grub truck. 

Black and yellow..

As I was getting off the subway last night, I spotted this bright yellow truck on Bedford and North 7th. No, not Van Leeuwen (they're always there), this was different and I know I definitely haven't seen it in Williamsburg before…it was Big D's Grub! I thought I was Big D..??

I spoke to Dennis, the owner and creator of the "grub", and he mentioned that it was their first night in Williamsburg. Why not celebrate the occasion with a sandwich? Never having been to Big D's, I trusted his suggestion of the Spicy Pork Sandwich. 


Coming in at $7, it is totally worth it. I was expecting a small sandwich that I'd have to follow up with a TV dinner to make it a full meal, but I was way off. This thing weighed at least a pound, and held a heaping portion of spicy marinated pork, cucumbers, carrots, and daikon relish between two slices of warm, crusty bread. Hello.


I think I'll be back for the Bulgogi… 

Check out their Twitter handle to see where you can find the Big D's Grub truck.. 


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