Cool Treats on a Hot Day…Or Not?

This week has been a scorcher; and aside from wreaking havoc on my hair, it has been melting some of my favorite summertime treats at an unfavorably fast pace. Dislike. BUT I managed to snag a few pics from my meals last week before they melted into sweet pools of cream and happiness all over the floor…because you know, I'm cool like dat. 


Frozen chocolate dipped 'naners from the Smorgasburg
The first ice cream sandwich I've had this summer that actually stayed together when I bit it. Yes you can see my teeth marks..this one is from The Good Batch at The Smorgasburg

Chilled glass of champagne with some cooooool berry zabaglione from Villa Pacri

It occurred to me that maybe I'm looking at it the wrong way. Maybe I need to focus on treats that don't melt, despite the heat. How about some fried oreos? Probably one of my favorite things from the local street fair (next to zeppoles), and we managed to get a double oreo! That must be a sign of good luck or something…

SO healthy. 

Banana mousse and chocolate parfait from Park Ave Summer. A geometric treat.  

Sweet cornbread from Hill Country BBQ

Baked By Melissa's S'mores Mini


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