My Weekend in Food – Belgian Beer Festival


Friday night was miserable – I got caught in the rain minus an umbrella, got stuck in traffic (F U Times Square!) and I almost face-planted on the sidewalk thanks to slippery gladiator sandals. I needed a pick me up. Fast. "Wait" I thought to myself, "isn't tonight the Belgian Beer Festival??" YES. Beer and food it is.

The Altman Building was the venue for the Get Real NY Belgian Beer Festival, and people were trooping it out in the rain to get their beer and belgian waffle fix. Inside was pleasant as always – not too loud and not too crowded. I can't stress enough how great it is that they don't oversell these events. It's so much more enjoyable when I can walk around with a plate of food and a drink and not have to worry about being shoved and spilling hot meatballs down someone else's back.

Speaking of meatballs, Petite Abeille was the main food sponsor for this festival, so I swung over there first. The pasta was a little congealed, but the meatballs and sausages were tasty, as well as the shredded beef and potatoes. So they still get a good vote. Then I smelled the familiar smell of sugary Belgian waffles and I picked up a bite (or two) of those.


The Luke's Lobster's shrimp roll was probably the favorite here in terms of main courses – buttery and succulent little guys tucked into that awesome toasted bread. What the F is on that bread? I refuse to believe it's just butter.

Mmmm butter….

I sought out some dessert and found myself drawn to Danny Macaroons. I'm not a HUGE macaroon fan (I know, I'm a terrible Jew), but these were AWESOME. I had a salted caramel macaroon. Sticky, chewy and sweet with a hint of salt. Perfect.

The caramel-drizzled one in the middle was calling my name…

Some other bites I highly recommend: My Friend's Mustard. I have a few friends who hate mustard, so it wouldn't be for MY friends, but I really like them. I especially enjoy the jalapeno mustard. This is the whole grain mustard kind and it's really got a nice kick and texture to it.


In short – I wish there were a few more food options, but it was still a good time. Keep em comin!



  1. hooray for bad jews 😉
    glad you liked the macs!

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