Nifty Giftys!

A lot of my friends lately have been telling me that they're "out of ideas" when it comes to buying gifts for their significant others and/or family members. Fortunately my family consists of very few people whom I actually care about giving gifts to, and a significant other is not a concern because I don't have one. 

Still…I'm here to help. One site I always check out is Uncommon Goods – it's a great site with a lot of unique things that you won't see blandly clumped together at your local Crate and Barrel. Not that I'm hating on Crate and Barrel, but Uncommon Goods is relatively affordable and they have everything from home & garden to dining to kids and they even have wedding gifts that you can personalize (those can get pricey though). 

Know someone who loves cheese? Get them their own cheese-making kit for $25! 

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Or perhaps something for the wino? Wine Wars trivia game will test your knowledge of those grand grapes for just $13.50..

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And then there's this..for the alcoholic in your life. A "Holy Water" flask..

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And I just picked up this little gem for someone I know for 18 bucks…because…it's hilarious and kind of genius. Drink on top and cookies on the bottom? Dunk away, people. 

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Happy shopping!

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