The Meatball Shop Opens in Williamsburg!

Meatball Shop 

It has arrived. The day when The Meatball Shop opens and I transform from The Skinny Pig into The Fat Pig.

As most of you loyal readers know (Mom), I have been following the progress of The Meatball Shop on Bedford Ave pretty closely, so what kind of dedicated food blogger would I be if I didn't drop in the day of opening?? I came from a dance class straight to The Meatball Shop. Meatballs post-workout? THAT is dedication, my friends. Or infatuation.

It was around 8:45 pm and as expected, it was full, but not packed. The space is MUCH bigger than the one on the LES - a huge plus for those waiting for tables – but being that I was sweaty and by myself, I figured I'd head straight to the Takeout counter. The friendly hostess gave me a menu and said "I take it you've been here before? So I don't have to explain?" Umm…Miss Cleo? I don't know how she knew that but I'd rather not tug at that thread. 

Meatball Shop Interior 2 
View from the takeout counter

Meatball Shop Interior 1 
The bar

I actually had some leftover pasta primavera at home that I made the night before, so I wanted some balls to add to it. I didn't want tomato sauce (since the pasta is sauceless), so I opted for the spicy pork meatballs in pesto sauce.

As I toted my little bag home, I was practically skipping. Did I mention it's 3 blocks from my apt? Yea. Addictions tend to follow you. Anyway. I surveyed the little box and I thought…this is it? Then…I opened it. The garlicky aroma stung my nostrils (in a good way) and I saw four good-sized meatballs COVERED in basil pesto. I am a sauce person, but I will say they might have gone a tad overkill on the pesto. Still…I was hardly complaining.

Meatballs Pesto 2 
Little Box of Happiness.

I lined up three of the meatballs next to my pasta and dug in. Sweet relief. I love these balls. Yea I said it. Michael Chernow and chef Daniel Holzman have the best balls in town. The pork is slightly spicy and juicy, the basil pesto is studded with pine nuts and garlic, and they give you a small piece of bread for soaking up the sauce. As I pointed out before, I think I would have needed a whole loaf of Ciabatta to soak up that sauce, but fortunately I don't keep too much bread in my apt or that might have happened.  

Meatballs Pesto pasta 2 
Stop making fun of my Dixie plate. I had no clean dishes.

I think The Meatball Shop on Bedford will be a great addition to the neighborhood, especially since this Meatball Shop has something the one on the LES doesn't: a full liquor license and a cocktail menu! Utilizing the same method as the food menu, you pick your poison (vodka, gin, etc) and then check off a  house-made mixer (like grapefruit juice and muddled cherries). It will be a great spot for a date, a casual dinner with friends, or in my case…a post-workout snack. Meatballs ARE protein after all.

Meatballs close 2 
Ready for their closeup.


The Meatball Shop Williamsburg

170 Bedford Ave (btwn North 7th and 8th)



  1. I love your writing style! It is so descriptive and witty!
    Also those meatballs looks pretty good, the most important thing about meatballs is the texture which you didn’t mention. So what is the texture like on these bad boys?

  2. what amazing prose! this story about the incredible journey of balls from shop to home is sure to impress any sane publishing house. book i say, book! a book should be in the works for you about this amazing experience! blarf.

  3. Skinny Pig

    The texture is not very dense or soft – they’re pretty light for a meatball. Some meatballs are similar to meatloaf in texture, like when you cut into it, it makes a perfect slice and holds together very well. These definitely have less of a binding agent (breadcrumbs) because they are more meaty and fall apart when you slice them. Glorious.
    And TimmyT is “blarf” a cross between “blah” and “barf”?

  4. It’s so nice to have you do all of the research for us. It makes our decision making so much easier!! Thanks.

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