Bites From Taim Mobile Falafel Truck

Being of half-Jewish descent by way of Romania, I don't know much about many of the Jewish holidays (sorry Safta), but I know a thing or two about falafel. And hummus. I had both recently from the Taim Mobile Falafel Truck, and I was very happy; even the fries with saffron mayo were salty, crispy and delicious.

Falafel Platter with Hummus…but where's the falafel??

There it is! The salads were eh – but the hummus was on POINT. 

Chickpeas, garlic and that lovely green color is from copious amounts of parsley and possibly scallions..

Taim's fries are served in a brown paper bag (just so you can see how much grease you're eating..) with colorful saffron mayo. Even though saffron is red, it gives off a yellow color when used in cooking. NUMS.


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