Del Friscos Grille Opening This Saturday

I happen to really like Del Friscos Steakhouse in Midtown. YEAH I SAID IT. Some people claim it's not good because "it's a chain" or "it's in Midtown", but I used to work in the area, have been there a ton of times and never left disappointed. I also had dinner there with a group that included Ryan Braun of the Milwaukee Brewers once but that has NOTHING to do with it, I swear..

I read via Grub Street that they are opening a sidekick this weekend in Rock Center called Del Friscos Grille, and it's basically Del Friscos Light. Or Del Friscos Junior. An open space perfect for post-work drinking and noshing with over 700 wine selections and snacks like pimento cheese fritters, chopped salads and truffled mac & cheese. Guess which item caught my eye? Nutella. Bread. Pudding. Served with coffee ice cream. COME ON!!

Check out the slideshow here on Grub Street.  

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  1. By the way, we reached O’Connor through her Facebook page and published her comments and picture in our first report, but now, she’s shut down her page.

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