Hurricane Irene Throws A Wrench Into Your Weekend

All the things I told you about this weekend are being postponed. The Shrimp Boil at Ardesia, and the Tickets Giveaway for Cool Cravings and The Cupcake Cakewalk at Openhouse Gallery are also being postponed due to that b&*%h Irene… 

Stay tuned for further info on those next week as I will be reposting with new dates and such. In the meantime here is what you should have on hand to stay safe (and somewhat sane) this weekend:

Bottled water






Battery-operated devices 

Cereal (that you enjoy without milk – Honey Nut Cheerios!)


Protein bars/canned goods


Did I mention wine?


I have stocked up…so I will be in my apartment in Brooklyn, hoping I don't have to be evacuated.

Good luck!



  1. “It is no use saying, ‘We are managing our best.’ You have got to do well in managing what is necessary.”

  2. All good things are cheap, all bad things are very dear.(H. D. Thoreau)

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