Yes, I have returned from my vacation in Greece. I feel a little like I need a vacation from my vacation, but it was an awesome trip. I visited Mykonos, Ikaria, Santorini, and Athens…and if you think I didn't order a Greek salad with every meal, you would be wrong. Here are a few things I learned while in Greece:

1. You CAN eat too much feta cheese

2. The wind is damaging to hair, but never seems to affect the flame of a lighter

3. Espresso Freddo and Frappes makes me happy inside.

4. The saying "it takes a village" comes from having a wedding in Ikaria: 2,000 people, 100 goats, 1 epic celebration.


5. All old ladies in Greece look the same. And smell the same.

6. The shrimps have heads. They were delicious, but not decapitated..

I had to deal, but I was squeamish about it..

7. Wearing heels on the islands is near-impossible.

8. Mykonos hangovers dont exist because by the time you get home, it's 6 am and you have had a gyro for "breakfast". You have already passed the point of hangover. Well…for the most part..

Just call me Stevie. 

7. The food in Ikaria was the best by far. All homemade, and the produce and the cheese was so fresh. I had a peach that I had to eat over the sink because it was so juicy. Nums.

Homemade Tyropitas (cheese pies)

8. Hours and hours of walking through Mykonos and Athens is nothing a little vodka and vicodin can't cure. 

9. The 11 hour flight home……..there is no cure. And with all the advances made in technology and food, you would think in-flight meals would be slightly more edible than a cafeteria lunch…but no. I think parts of it had Elmer's glue in it.   

10. It was an experience, but I am definitely glad to be back in the good old US of A…where I have my Starbucks, my laptop, and the ability to flush toilet paper down the toilet. 






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