Quake Specials!

Well that didn't take too long. According to their Twitter feeds, Dos Caminos, Atlantic Grill, Primehouse, Wildwood BBQ and many others are capitalizing on the NYC quake. All specialty cocktails at the above mentioned restos are just $5.90 starting at 5 pm, and both Atlantic Grill and Primehouse will have $1.50 oysters all night.

If you simply MENTION "earthquake" at Butter Lane you get buy-one-get-one-free cupcakes, cakepops and Blue Bell ice cream.

50% off all "Shaken" cocktails at Southern Hospitality. 

$1 Buds and Bud Lights at Third and Long in Murray Hill. Finally a reason to go to Murray Hill..

$1 tacos at Hop Devil Grill

$5 Caipirinhas, $4 oyster sampler, $3 spicy tuna roll, $2 tempura at Sushi Samba Park

That's all for now folks..

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  1. Very valid, pithy, sccuinct, and on point. WD.

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