Some Bites From Móle in Williamsburg

Mole inside

There are not too many Mexican places in Williamsburg that have pleased me recently (Vera Cruz? YUCK and awful service), but fortunately I discovered Móle on North 3rd and Kent. Móle is rooted in the city, but has sprouted up in Williamsburg! I'm happy they have made the move to hipsterville, because the food was pretty good and their happy hour specials are bangin'. 

Start off the meal with the usual: margaritas and guac (both $5 during happy hour!). Margaritas were HUGE for the price, and the guacamole wasn't the BEST I've had, and I think that was due to the texture – it was just a little too chunky for me. I like a smoother, creamier guac; this one had big chunks of white onion in it and it was a little overpowering. It's made tableside, so of course you can request to the server that they chop your ingredients a bit more finely. I was not paying attention.

Mole guac 1
guac and chips

For our appetizers and entrees we got a mix of specials and standard plates. Some of the specials should be regulars on the menu, in my opinion. The ribs (special) were FANTASTIC and when I say fall off the bone, I mean the bone was completely bare when I was done with them. Dry rubbed with a mix of garlic, lime and ancho chiles, they were savory and delicious on their own, but the chimichurri sauce on the side kicked up the heat for those of you who like spicy (I do).    

Mole ribs
Mole ribs bone
Come on man. Look at that.

The Crepas Con Huitlacoche appetizer is not only something I couldn't pronounce, but also something I've never had before. I don't branch out too much when it comes to Mexican food (for some reason), so I had to be talked into these, but I'm happy to report that I liked them a lot. Two homemade crepes are stuffed with a black mushroom and corn mixture and topped with a creamy poblano sauce. If you like mushrooms and cream, this is the dish for you. Very rich, but in a good way. And my friend Alexis just reminded me that huitlacoches aren't technically mushrooms – they are a fungus that grows on corn and tastes similar to mushrooms. Why would you eat a fungus? Because it's delicious! Oh and the translation I found online is "corn smut". Who wouldn't want to eat corn smut? 

Mole crepas
It looks drowned in sauce but it really wasn't as overwhelmed as it looks..

One of my favorite things in Mexican cuisine is fish tacos. The sound of them used to gross me out, but I really enjoy them now when they're made right. These were a special of the night, and they were soft shell crab tacos – so not exactly a traditional fish taco. One word: YUM. Make those a regular on the menu along with the ribs! Soft shell crab dunked in a tempura batter, fried up and piled onto two corn tortillas with lettuce and pico de gallo piled high. Did I mention Móle doesn't skimp on the portions??

Mole softshell crab tacos
Softshell crab tacos

Cochinita Pibil. No that's not a dirty word in Spanish, but rather a tasty shredded pork dish marinated in axiote paste, roasted in a banana leaf and served with pickled onions, salsa verde and black beans. The meat was tender and just spicy enough. I was scared because it was a FIERY red color, but the heat was slower than I thought it would be and not the sting-your-nostrils kind. 

Cochinita pibil 2
Cochinita Pibil

It's just a short walk from the Bedford Ave train stop in Williamsburg and with these specials, it's worth checking out.

Móle Happy Hour (every day from 4-7 pm)

Happy Hour Nachos (plain), Guac and Chips, Happy Hour Quesadilla, Albondigas en Chipotle, and Queso Fundido are all $5 each during Happy Hour

House margaritas are $5 and draft beers are $4



178 Kent Ave at North 3rd


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