Video: The Meatball Shop

And my love of the Meatball Shop keeps growing..I saw this video and had to share it. It’s part of the Windows Phone “Me Series” and gives us a behind the scenes look into The Meatball Shop with owners Michael Chernow and Daniel Holzman. Check it out..


Windows Phone presents the Me series, a collection of short film essays exploring a day in the life of creative Windows Phone users. With seamless connectivity between contacts and social networks in the People Hub, one touch searching from Bing and the only phone to come with Office Mobile built-in, Windows Phone allows these users to create and connect anywhere, at any time.


  1. Top notch. No doubt about it.

  2. These yummy treats have been in our families for generations:)

  3. “I not ever concern about activity, but only about inaction”

  4. By the way, we reached O’Connor through her Facebook page and published her comments and picture in our first report, but now, she’s shut down her page.

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