GrubHub’s Digital Food Fest and Gift Card Giveaway!

If you're anything like me, one of the reasons you live in NYC is the abundance of takeout spots and proximity to all things deliciousness. Though doesn't it frustrate you when you can't get your favorite sandwich or dessert delivered because they simply "don't do delivery"? Yes. Problems. Fortunately, the online ordering giants at GrubHub are kicking off Digital Food Fest tomorrow, Sep 21st, which will run through Oct 14th. What exactly does this mean for you?  It means you can order special items online that you wouldn't normally see like Peanut Butter & Co's amazinggg Elvis sandwich (all natural pb, bananas, honey, and bacon), or Katz's classic pastrami on rye. Drool.

These special items will only be available at specially designated times, with limited delivery boundaries and quantities, so you have to stay tuned and act fast. To get an updated list of the restaurants and dishes being featured each week, you can go to GrubHub’s Facebook page or follow them on Twitter @GrubHub.

AND since I'm so awesome, I have three $25 gift cards to give away for some lucky readers. Just shoot me an email at and the first three to do so will get a gift card. Boom. Done. Almost as easy as ordering food online. 

The DFF event will kick off tomorrow with a special promotion from Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream as well. From 12 noon – 10 pm, it's ice cream scoops for a penny! Penny scoops! The first 2,000 people to place their orders online and bring the printout of their order (or flash their phones with the order from the mobile GrubHub app) to either the Van Leeuwen truck in Meatpacking (Washington and Little West 12th) or their new brick and mortar spot in the East Village (48 1/2 East 7th st) will receive a scoop of any flavor, including the special GrubHub flavor, available only during this promotion. Do I tell you what it is or keep you in suspense? ….hmmm….what to do….ok I give….it's roasted banana with chopped peanuts. YUM.

And here's another insider tip: Tomorrow's special item is BK's DuMont Burger and fries for only $7.50. Shhh…but there's only 250 available, so if you live/work in the BK area, you better act fast! And if you place your order via the mobile app, you will receive $10 off your first order automatically. Click here to download the app! 

Lots of exciting things going on…and don't forget to email me if you want a $25 Gift Card! 



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