IHOP Opens in the East Village!

Pancakesihop2 aka…god help me. It's in the East Village. It's one block from the L train. It's open 24 hours. It's the International House of Pancakes!! 

The Queens suburbanite in me hasn't tasted the sweet, syrupy pleasure of IHOP in YEARS. Did you hear that? Yes. YEARS.  When I was a kid, my family used to frequent IHOP on special occasions (is that as sad as it just sounded?), but since I became an adult, apparently I am no longer worthy of silver dollar pancakes with chocolate chips and omelettes made with what seems to be a dozen eggs and a pound of cheese. Well guess what? Shame be damned. Now I can have my pancakes and eat them too. With boysenberry syrup. Who uses that one anyway? Do they even have it anymore?? Well now that I'm an adult I'll class it up with some boysenberry syrup. Yea. Good call. 



235 East 14th st btwn 2nd and 3rd ave

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