I’m Back!

Back from the three day weekend and mind-vacation from the week before, I'm all rested and rejuvenated. For the most part. I'm never really "rested" but I'm awake enough to put together some things that might interest you..

The Big Gay Ice Cream Shop opened this Saturday, Sept 3rd. If you aren't familiar with them, you need to acquaint yourself with their interesting ice cream combinations and silly names immediately. The Bea Arthur (vanilla ice cream, dulce de leche and crushed Nilla wafers) is one of my faves. The Salty Pimp (vanilla ice cream, dulce de leche, sea salt and chocolate dip) and the Monday Sundae (twist ice cream, Nutella-lined waffle cone, dulce de leche, sea salt and shipped cream) are sure to put a spring in your step too. Click here to check out their site for more flavor combos. 125 East 7th Street. Hours are 12-10 Sun-Thurs, 12-12 Fri-Sat. 

Ladurée is open and is being received with glowing reviews. The french bakery sells macarons (NOT to be confused with macaroons) that are made in Paris THEN SHIPPED TO NYC VIA OVERNIGHT MAIL and served by Frenchmen ONLY. Wow. Their shipping overhead must be nuts but from what I hear, it's well worth it. Macarons are two cookies made from egg whites and sugar (like a meringue cookie), then filled with buttercream or jam in between (JAM!!), and they come in a variety of colors thanks to food coloring. Fun and delicious.. 854 Madison Ave btwn 70th and 71st st. 

Fatty Cue is opening TODAY in it's West Village location, which (to my surprise) bears little resemblance to the original BK location. Apparently the menu is different and has more options (fried rabbit anyone?), and there will be designated dining areas for things like Thai-style cocktail service (bottle service). Not sure if it's going to be a home run yet, but with something called Ham, Jam, Butter & Bread on the menu, I'm willing to give it a shot.. 50 Carmine St. nr Bedford St. 

Now that summer is unofficially coming to an end, it's time to start heating things up in the kitchen! I've been looking into cooking classes and I've always been a big advocate of Rustico Cooking classes. This Saturday, they have a fresh pasta workshop, and the rest of the month is packed with Italian goodness like Fresh Sauces, Italian Home Cooking, Fireplace Dinner, and Tuscan Harvest Feast. $95 per person, each class is 3 hours long unless otherwise specified. Click here for more info and to sign up. 

That's all I got for now…stay tuned for some bites from Chai Home Kitchen, City Lobster & Steak, and some recipes I cooked up over the week..



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