Pinkberry’s New Peanut Butter Flavor

Pinkberry pb 1 First it was chocolate, then it was the salted caramel, now it's peanut butter. Yup, Pinkberry is doing everything they can to make you addicted to fro-yo. I tried the Pinkberry peanut butter flavor last night topped off with some strawberry jam (PB&J, hello?) and dark chocolate crunchies. I'd love to know the real name of those, by the way, because I'm pretty sure calling them crunchies makes me sound like a 12 year old. Either way, loved the new flavor. Sweet and just a little salty – the jam on top made it taste like a real PB&J sandwich without the bread. Carb-friendly? No, no I guess not..


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  1. Cool! That’s a cleevr way of looking at it!

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